Terms of Use and Legal Notices


1. Usage Permit

Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. grants you a revocable and non-transferable permission to use the Website when you access this website. This only applies if you accept these terms of use and adhere to the restrictions set out therein. It is not permitted to interrupt or influence the operation of the website.

2. Important General Information

The information contained in this website is for your information only. They do not constitute investment advice or tax or legal advice. Nor are they any offer, recommendation or solicitation to make investment decisions of any kind, such as: For example, to conduct transactions in financial instruments or enter into financial services agreements or enter into other contracts. In particular, this information does not replace appropriate investor and product advice. Unless otherwise stated, all pricing information is not binding. With regard to the information on certificates, it should be noted that the sole basis for their purchase is the current sales documents. They are the sole binding basis of the purchase and are available free of charge from  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l.. Please also note that the value of an investment may go down as well as up. Investors must therefore be prepared and able to accept losses on the capital invested. Past investment results are not an indication of future performance.

3. Sales restrictions

The dissemination of the information contained on this website and the acquisition of the investments therein may or may not be carried out in some states or to citizens of certain states (e.g. USA) and other persons as well as companies to which the restrictions applicable in these states apply only with a special approval or registration of the responsible supervisory authority. This website does not apply to the persons or companies concerned, etc., or to persons acting in favor of the persons concerned, companies, etc. In addition, certain products and services shown on this website are not available in all states. In part, this is only the case if  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. has the necessary approval there and / or the corresponding products and services are approved for distribution there. Details will be provided upon request.

4. Important notes for US persons

The content of this website, and in particular the information about the certificates, is not for sale in the United States or to US persons (i.e. persons who are US citizens resident in the US who are otherwise in the US American laws or companies to which US law applies). Accordingly, in particular, the products mentioned on the website are offered neither in the US nor US persons. It should be noted that in particular their other transmission in the US and to US persons is not permitted.

5. Forward-looking statements

This website may contain forward-looking statements. While these statements reflect the views and future expectations of Global Asset Investment S.à r.l., actual developments and results may differ materially from expectations.  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. is under no obligation and expressly disclaims any such obligation to update or change any of its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

6. Information / Data

Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. regularly reviews and updates the information on this website. Despite all care, the data underlying this information may have changed in the meantime. A liability or guarantee for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information can therefore not be accepted, apart from the liability for gross negligence and intent. Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. assumes no liability for damages of any kind resulting from the use of content and information on this website. Neither does  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. warrant that the Website or any feature or content on this Site will be error-free, free of viruses or other harmful components, and that errors will be corrected.

7. References to other sites on the Internet (links)

This website may contain references to other sites on the Internet.  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. has checked the foreign content at the first time the reference is made, if any legal violations exist. At this time there were no legal violations.  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. has no influence whatsoever on the current and future design and content of the linked pages and assumes no liability for the content and design of these pages. Any use of this website is at your sole risk. If you find that we refer to websites with illegal or questionable content (such as racial hatred, pornography, fraud, deception, etc.), please let us know because such references are not intended.  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. will then remove the relevant references as soon as possible.

8. Copyright and Trademark Law

All rights, titles and claims (including copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights and other rights) to, from and to all information and content (including all text, data, graphics and logos) on this website are fully subject to their respective rights valid provisions and the ownership rights of the respective registered owners. By using the website, you do not acquire any rights to the content. The copyright for published content created by remains the sole responsibility of  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l.. Reproduction or use of such contents, graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts in whole or in part in other electronic or printed publications or in any other form is prohibited without the written consent of Global Asset Investment S.à r.l.. It is then necessary to observe the scope of the permission and to indicate the origin of the reproduction and the rights of the Global Asset Investment S.à r.l..

9. Privacy Policy

The protection of your personal data during the collection, processing and use of your visit to the website has high priority. Your data is protected in accordance with legal regulations. Every access to the website and every retrieval of a file stored on the website are logged. This is for internal system-related and statistical purposes. The following are logged: Name of retrieved file, date and time of retrieval, amount of data transferred, message about successful retrieval, web browser and requesting domain. Additionally, the IP addresses of the requesting computers are logged. Additional personal data will only be collected if you voluntarily provide this information, for example in the context of a request or registration.  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. endeavors to store your personal data in such a way that it is not accessible to third parties by taking all technical and organisational measures.

10. Communication by e-mail

The Internet is widely available, so ordinary e-mails sent over the Internet are neither confidential nor secure. Rather, they can be viewed, intercepted or changed by others, or they can be lost. Emails can leave the country’s borders, even if both sender and recipient are domestic. You should therefore not send personal or confidential information, in particular any account information, in emails.  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. will not accept orders or instructions issued by e-mail or other electronic messaging systems unless expressly agreed otherwise.  Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. shall not be liable to you or any other person for any damages incurred in connection with messages sent by ordinary e-mail or other electronic messaging system. For confidential information, therefore, the post is recommended.

11. Limitations of Liability

Use of the website is at your own risk. You are solely responsible for the consequences of using the Website and downloading its content.   Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. can not be held liable for damages of any kind resulting from information published on the website or missing information. This also applies in particular to damages that arise as a result of investment decisions. Damage claims of direct or indirect nature, tortuous nature, atypical nature or consequential damages are also covered by this disclaimer. This disclaimer of liability does not apply if this is not permitted under the applicable law and in the case of gross negligence and intentional conduct of the Global Asset Investment S.à r.l..

12. Miscellaneous

Underlying law
Unless otherwise provided by contractual agreements or conflicting laws, Luxembourg law applies to these Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use shall apply between the users of the Website and and shall also extend to their respective successors in title and their respective assignees and agents. Insofar as these Terms of Use give rise to rights, may assign these rights to third parties.

Availability of the website
Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue the operation of the website at any time, including the services, information, features or functionalities offered on the website that are accessible as part of the intended use of the website. further reserves the right to limit the use of individual features, functionality or services or to restrict access to parts or the entire website without prior notice.

Transfer of tasks
Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. reserves the right to have third-party functions related to the operation of the Site carried out by third parties.

Changes to the Terms of Use
Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. reserves the right to change or supplement these Terms of Use. You should read these Terms of Use at the beginning of each use of this Web site to familiarise yourself with any changes.

Contractual agreements
If contractual agreements between Global Asset Investment S.à r.l. and you deviate from these Terms of Use, the contractual agreements shall prevail.

Severability clause
If any provision or part of any provision of these Terms of Use should be unlawful, void or unenforceable, this shall not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use.